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Development Through Education


The project “Development through Education” was evolved as a result of conversations with children on the street who could not attend school regularly or at all due to the meager income of their families. Rather than visiting school, many of them still try to provide financial support to their families by selling scrap metal and conducting small business.
Most of them are affected and displaced by the internal conflict and live on the breadline in temporary shelters or welfare centers. DTE_workshop

Among those hit hardest are single mothers and their children.

The children and adolescents can’t attend school regularly due to the conflict and are less likely to complete their studies successfully.
Through conversations, the social workers became aware of their thirst for knowledge and zest for action.
The students lack learning materials like books or exercise books. The parents don’t have the financial capacity to buy school uniforms. The children need additional classes to catch up, understand and consolidate the lessons.
An essential component in supporting these families is the social work with parents which creates awareness for a good education and supports the families in their day to day life.
The project is financed solely by private donations which span from individual contributions for special events to a long-term commitment until the students attained their higher education in a university or a vocational education.
Currently, 50 students and their families are supported by this program.
The social workers of SEED regard their primary task in assisting the families. Dialogue and discussions on the development of the students take place frequently with the teachers in the school. Additional evening classes are organized for the children. There are also regular afternoon meetings with the parents in which topics like health nutrition, division of labor in the family or recreational activity are discussed.
Common organization of celebrations and activities create a community spirit and repeal discrimination and social exclusion.


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