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Model Organic Farm

The organic farm is the birthplace of SEED and serves as a teaching model for the neighborhood which relies on a lot of agriculture and animal husbandry.

SEED’s very first office building stood on this compound where the initial project ideas were developed. At the beginning, the residents of the farm could feed themselves from the harvest; meanwhile, itgrass_farm has evolved as an example for the arising community. During the last years, it was completely transformed into a model farm.

A training hall is located at the entrance of the farm which is used for seminars, advanced trainings, workshops and instruction courses for farmers, students from the schools and the Agricultural faculty of the University. The model farm serves as a place to observe and conduct experiments.
Many plants sprout under the protection of the coconut trees. Their shadow offers healthy conditions for the growth of the plants. The forage plant Azolla is cultivated in a pool and is mixed with animal food later on to increase the intake of protein.

There is a compost system and a complex for the production of biogas. Rain water that is collected in big tanks undergoes regular quality controls and is used as drinking water.

Numerous animals are bred. There are different kind of geese, rabbits, goats, sheep and various kinds of cattle. The husbandry takes into consideration the individual needs of the animals.
The agricultural crops like beans, chilies and egg plants are tested against parasites and environmental influences. Only Species that promise high yield and taste without the usage of chemical supplements are planted. Medical plants are cultivated in another area of the farm.
There are also mango, lemon and jackfruit trees. Part of the supply of the Empowerment Campus can be secured through the yield of the organic farm.
The farm has developed over many years. It evolved by the aspiration to connect the ecological and traditional methods and to lead a life of ecological awareness.
Only if the ecological cultivation and appropriate animal breeding ensure sufficient income, the rethinking process of farmers can be instigated. Some farmers want to make a quick profit and are not aware of the consequences caused by the usage of chemicals and inappropriate animal breeding.
The model farm enables a hands-on way to learn and rethink.
The SEED employees have collected experience in ecological cultivation and sensitive animal breeding for more than ten years. This knowledge creates trust and convinces families who live from agriculture and animal husbandry to take an alternate path.


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